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I am taking a break

Hello curious human, 

I am in the middle of some big life transitions and am putting my offerings on pause for now.

Please navigate to for information on events run through Embodiment Rope Space, a space for rope in Cape Town. 

Thank you for your patience and support.  

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Rope Bondage

Lessons, Experiences and Community in Cape Town, South Africa

Rope bondage is a delicate exchange of energy between consenting adults.
If you are under the age of 18, please do not proceed.

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About me

My approach to rope bondage

Rope bondage is a journey - there is no destination. As you evolve, so does your approach to the medium.

My name is Astrid, and I am a bondage practitioner living in Cape Town. My journey with tying began in 2016, when I spent some time abroad for my studies. During this time, I encountered a community of Shibari practitioners and enthusiasts, and found my 'thing'. When I returned to Cape Town, I founded RopeyThings (a local bondage collective) with some other eager riggers. Over time, we started teaching rope bondage together around the city. Each time I travelled abroad for my studies, I would attend lessons with rope educators wherever I found myself and bring the skills that I had acquired back to my community. My rope expertise has developed slowly over time, and with the trust and input of my beloved chosen rope family. 

I see tying as an opportunity to hold space for a human being to experience their physicality and emotional world in a different way. When I tie, I am interested in holding that space with care and intention. When I teach, I seek to impart not only technical skills, but empathy to both those tying and being tied.

For me, bondage is not always about dominating someone. It is about stillness, breathing, power exchange, vulnerability, honestly, communication and humanity. The who and the why is as important as the how.  

Please note: rope bondage is a high risk activity and should never be performed without explicit consent, risk awareness and clear communication. 

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Develop your rope skills and learn to tie with intention


Intense and intimate live shows


Want to experience being tied by me? Let's chat.

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Both tying and being tied require slowing down, paying attention, noticing subtle shifts in movement and breath. 
It demands that you are present with the other, but also with yourself.

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Astrid's calm competence! She has the ability to create a safe environment that is respectful, safe and allows one to trust and surrender to the experience. This wouldn't be possible without incredible technical competence.

Tam, 2021


The journey of a rope bondage practitioner and teacher


06 Mar 2022

Busting myths about rope bondage and why it's not just about sex


15 Aug 2021

Tenderness in teaching rope


17 May 2022

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