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I am taking a break

Hello curious human, 

I am in the middle of some big life transitions and am putting my offerings on pause for now. Sign up to my mailing list for updates.

Thank you for your patience and support. 

Offerings: Headliner

My Offerings

How would you like to connect?

Offerings: Projects


Would you like to learn to tie yourself or your partner with safety and intention? 

I am available for private lessons for couples, friends, small groups or singles. I especially love working with couples in private lessons - I enjoy watching humans in existing dynamics develop new ways of relating.

I also teach small group bondage classes at Embodiment Rope Space. See our Quicket Events for upcoming group classes.


Physical and Emotional Safety in Rope

Communicating with the Body

Meditation with Rope

Embodied Floorwork

Fundamentals of Shibari

Upper Body Harnesses

Lower Body Harnesses

Partial Suspension

Full Suspension

Ready for a private lesson?



Would you like to experience being tied by me? I am available for private sessions. I enjoy holding space for others to experience their bodies in a different way. Rates depend on what kind of interaction we negotiate.

Contact me for my rates and to see if our intentions and interests align.

Get in Touch


On occasion, I am available to perform with my partner at events. Contact me for our rates and to discuss creating space for a performance.

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