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The following are rules for public rope spaces I hold

1. Respect the time set aside for learning or practicing together. Be on time if the session has a hard start time. 
2. Respect the space. Leave no trace – whatever you bring, take it back with you.
3. Ego has no place here. Learn and share with humility.
4. Ask for people’s pronouns and use the ones you are given.
5. No shoes. Keep underwear on at public events. Nipples may be free.
6. Do not make unsolicited comments about anyone else’s body.
7. Do not take any photos of anyone in attendance without consent.
8. Do not post photos without consent of EVERYONE in the photo.
9. Do not reveal the identity of anyone you meet in the space once you leave. Many people prefer anonymity.
10. Be mindful of making noise in the space when others are tying around you, this includes loud talking and laughing (unless these noises are part of a scene itself).
11. Be discrete when moving through other parts of the premises. Clothes are optional in the space but not outside the door.
12. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.
13. This is a sober space. Please do not use any recreational drugs or alcohol before coming or while on site.
14. Acknowledge and accept that you are participating in a high-risk behaviour at your own risk.

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