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Upcoming Events

Community is very important to me, and something I am intentional about fostering. Co-learning is the best way to learn, and community helps keep us safe. If you are interested in participating in spaces I create, book a spot via Quicket.

Important note: If you are a LGBTQIA+ and/or black, indigenous or a person of colour and would like to participate but cannot afford to, get in touch. I will make space for you. 

Online Rope Jam

Participate from the comfort and safety of your home 

Join us every other Thursday 19:00-21:00 for a virtual rope jam. These are open to anyone in South Africa and beyond. Please note: this is NOT a sexual or play space, it is a space for learning about the technical and interpersonal elements of rope.
Tickets start at R60. 

In-Person Rope Jam

Come jam with us

In-person jams will take place at Embodiment Rope Space in Salt River, Cape Town every other Thursday from 18:30 til 21:30. The first hour will have tuition, the topic will be decided on the day and is based on who is in the room. The remaining hours will be time for rope practice and exploration.
Tickets start at R150

Rope Workshop

Extended rope training 

I will host a monthly workshop at Embodiment. Topics will include: bondage basics, rope for connection, mindful rope bottoming, how to build a fulfilling scene for your partner, self-suspension, partial suspension, etc. These tend to fill up quickly, so book as soon as possible.

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