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Session - 2017

"I had the pleasure of being tied & suspended by Astrid a while ago. The thing that was most profound for me was her softness, her nurturing, feminine touch in a process that was very challenging and uncomfortable at times. I've never self safer, while in a position that brought up a panic at times. Remember, this wasn't floor based - I was blindfolded, tied up and hanging in the air. Without the safety blanket of sight, freedom of movement or the security of the earth, a lot of primal fears were activated. And then - Astrid was there. To hold me, to support me, to ground me. With the gentlest touch, with so much care and love. Looking back, years later, this is what I remember: how safe and held I felt. 

Being tied/suspended took me to deep levels of trust and surrender so quickly. 

10/10 - would recommend! 

(and I left with a folder of amazing images as well)"


Session - 2021

I walked into the tie with a nervous soul. I has only ever been tied by one person over the years & with their support they have guided me on a personal journey with rope I started in 2021. I found Astrid on Insta & immediately knew I would be in safe hands. I don't know if you've ever found a soul walking around & you knew you would be a in a safe space with them? Astrid created that space for me. She held space for me & the next moment I knew I was giggling so much & tied in an instant. Every placement of the rope felt sublime & at no point did I feel unsafe. The souls who I met that day have filled my heart with so much happiness knowing that there is a place, a moment in time where rope & space can be held in a holistic way. Every moment was a highlight as I've never been in a space like this before. Astrid is playful, makes you feel at ease & knows how the body responds to rope. She takes all your history that you give, which in my case is nerve damage and works a tie around that.


Session - 2021

The idea was to receive basic tie while I wore my puphood. Astrid was welcoming and reassuring in our discussion before starting the tie, clear in describing expectations, professional in her approach. Even though I've attended Astrid's rope workshops previously this was the first time I had the opportunity to be tied by her. I felt relaxed and safe throughout, enough so it seems that Pup came out to play! The highlight was the natural interaction and flow I received from Astrid, she just welcomed pup into the rope and made it all playful. Being held with love and laughter - a wonderful and safe environment where I can naturally be myself. I would not hesitate to recommend to others to experience rope ties with Astrid. She is constantly aware of the one she's tying, and will communicate clearly throughout. I felt that what could be seen as a clinical rope tie becomes an environment of connection through the rope with Astrid. The feeling of being held by both the rope and Astrid is a wonderful feeling for me, especially as I naturally have an anxious nature.


Session - 2021

Astrid's calm competence! She has the ability to create a safe environment that is respectful, safe and allows one to trust and surrender to the experience. This wouldn't be possible without incredible technical competence.

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Group Classes - 2021

"Astrid is a fantastic teacher with immaculate bubbly energy. Astrid really created a safe space where I could feel comfortable allowing myself to be vulnerable. Don't be afraid to ask or talk about anything, Astrid is a fantastic listener who goes out of her way to make others feel safe and welcome. Role switching [in the class] didn't work out for me, but I am grateful I had a safe space to experiment in and discover that."


Group Classes - 2021

I felt safe and comfortable to be myself in the space. The energy of the sessions are just so beautiful I felt connected to everyone each time I attended. It's way more than just rope, its a creative, sensual and healing experience and it's amazing to share with like minded passionate individuals 💕☀️


Private Lessons - 2021

Highlights have been the passion, perfection and ability to explain difficult techniques to make it so easy to understand. I am just grateful I chose her as she helped me to unleash my creative flow and space for exploration of self-discovery as a tantrika. Astrid is accessible, clear, passionate and has a huge presence to hold space for others. She loves the Craft of Roping.


Jams and Group Classes - 2018

After my first rope 101, you were offering tasters of what rope felt like. I'd never been tied before, so I joined the queue. Mind blowing. The gentle strength, skill and care you tie with allowed a complete stranger to enter the most beautiful psychological space. I was totally blissful for hours afterwards. You showed me the heavenly possibility of rope. Now as a ropey switch, I seek that space for myself, and endeavour to evoke it for those I tie. You're very consent- and safety-conscious which is key in creating responsible rope experiences. It goes without saying that you're also very knowledgeable. Bonus: while you cover all the serious content, you still manage to introduce playfulness and humour into your lessons, which makes them engaging and fun to be part of. 10/10 recommend! Thank you, Astrid. You're a phenomenal rigger and teacher.

Testimonials: News & Updates
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