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People I recommend


Sunga Konji

Sudo Jute

Bondage Practitioner and Photographer in Cape Town

Bondage Practitioner in Cape Town

Finest bondage rope supplier in SA

Sim is my partner in life and in teaching bondage. If you are lucky, she will be present for our lessons. She brings thoughtful intellection and clear communication to both tying and being tied. She is also interested in photographing intimate scenes. Reach out to her if you are interested in collaborating. 



 Tapiwa is a friend and collaborator of mine working and creating in the rope space for the last 5 years. He is a talented artist and holder of space. Curious, creative, insightful, free-thinking and open-minded - I highly recommend seeking him out for sessions. 


SudoJute supplies the best rope you can get anywhere in the world, at extremely competitive prices. I highly recommend investing in a good quality set of ropes specifically for bondage. 



Aimee Pullon

Marilu Gabba

Wheels n toys

Bodyworker and artist in Cape Town

Women's Empowerment Coach

Sex Toy Connoisseur, Purveyor and Evangelist

Aimee has healing hands, a mind full of curiosity and ideas and a heart full of compassion. She has been working with bodies for the last 14 years, and has a diploma in the Therapeutic Massage and Natural Health Therapies from the Institute of Natural Health. She specialises in therapeutic deep tissue massage. 

Call: 0679070547


Marilu embodies conscious sisterhood. She works with individuals and couples to assist them in deepening their self-love and connection, but also to help center pleasure in their lives. She also runs a nude women's yin circle - a space for women to unite in embodied movement practice. Marilu holds vulnerability (yours, ours and her own) with grace and thoughtfulness. 



Makgosi LOVES sex toys. Her mission is to spread the news about pleasure, especially to other disabled women. She independently reviews and writes about toys from her perspective as a wheelchair user. Her offering is expanding into creating an online store for her toys - watch this space. She also loves helping others find their perfect toy - book her to help you find yours! 


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